Become Accredited - Demonstrate Excellence, Provide Assurance

The Accreditation process is not onerous.

  1. Complete a business self-audit using the checklist provided. This allows you to determine if your disclosures and practices are in line with the Code’s expectations.
  2. Make a statutory declaration to confirm that your disclosures and practices are compliant with the Code.
  3. Submit your application for assessment.
  4. If approved you’ll receive an annual licence and certificate, and be provided with the Farm Data Code of Practice trademark for your use.

Accreditation is reviewed annually. Organisations complete the self-audit and submit the Application for renewal of their licence.

Application fees

First application:  $1400 +GST

Annual Renewal Fee:  $990 + GST


Organisations that have been accredited as meeting the Farm Data Code of Practice will be displaying this accreditation mark.

The initiatives are funded by DairyNZ (through the Transforming the Dairy Value Chain programme), the Red Meat Profit Partnership and the Ministry of Primary Industries through the Primary Growth Partnership. The Farm Data Code of Practice is one of three data integration initiatives driven by the pastoral sector on behalf of farmers. The Farm Data Standards, and the Data Linker are complementary tools aimed at getting data moving across the primary sector - securely, efficiently and within a transparent framework.

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